Who wants a  Tiny Teacup Yorkie Puppy?
God loves
you and
Yorkies, too.
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
We raise only AKC registered Yorkshire Terrier dogs and strictly adhere to the terms and conditions of this wonderful
organization.    The necessary paperwork to register your puppy comes with each purchase.  We may occasionally sell
puppies for friends that are registered by another organization.  While these breeders agree to abide by our warranty
policy, the actual warranty for these puppies is the responsibility of the owners, not Tiny Yorkie Blessings
We sell joy and love and Tiny Teacup Yorkies
2 lb 5 oz Yorkie Stud
Tiny Yorkie Blessings
We have yorky puppies for sale as pets   We have yorkie puppies for sale with show potential   We have baby-faced  yorkshire puppies with small snouts
and ears .  We do not sell to puppy farms or to pet shops.  All our teacup and teaspoon  yorkie babies are placed with the hope of living in their forever
homes where they will be loved as we love them.
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Texas Breeder sells Teacup
Yorkies and Teaspoon
Yorkshire Terrier dogs and
puppies bred for quality and
teaspoon yorkie dogs, and yorkshire terrier puppies bred
for quality and health.  Health guarantee.
Did you pet your puppy today?
Gigolo, to the left,
is our tiny 2.5 lb
stud and is
responsible for
most of our tiny
The breed standard for Yorkshire Terriers is 4-7 lbs.  "Teacup and Teaspoon" are used as descriptive terms only to describe our
puppies, bred for health and loving, not to be bred.  If a female is expected to mature at less than 4 lbs, she will be sold with restricted
breeding rights.  We love all our puppies and want them to have the best life possible.
Texas Breeder sells teacup yorkies, tiny yorkies, teaspoon
yorkies bred for quality and health with health guarantee.
Tiny Yorkie blessings
This is our chocolate parti stud,
Cote D'Orr Chocolate Sensation.  
He is the sire of our parti litter on
our Available Puppies page.  Cote
has a great pedigree and is one of
our prized dogs.  We love him and
think his puppies are beautiful.  
the puppies shown on our Puppies
Available page are his first litter.  
Hooray for Cote!
Truffles is the dam of our parti
litter.  She is a parti that carries
the chocolate gene.
Katie is the dam of
our current traditional
litter, including our
"Almost Teaspoon"
little boy.  We think
Katie is truly