preciouspaws4you@yahoo.com is a friend of tinyyorkieblessings.  She has the smallest Boston
Terriers in the world. and the smallest chihuahuas we know.   She is a friend of Tiny Yorkie
Blessings, and we believe totally in her integrity.  The chihuahua photo is from Modern Dog
Magazine.  The two chihuahuas on the right came from her kennel.  The Boston Terrier is 9 weeks
old and still in a 3" cup.  Click on the paw print for access to this site.
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We sell traditional yorkies, colorful parti yorkies, chocolate yorkies and chocolate parti yorkies, and black and white parti yorkies.
See our "Yorkie Tales" page for information about Smoky, the Yorkshire Terrier who helped win WWII.
Our beautiful Veronica's puppies have matured quite a bit and are now 11 weeks old.  We are pleased to present new photos of
two females and one tiny male puppy.
Contact Tiny Yorkie Blessings for beautiful, quality, and healthy tiny teacup yorkie puppies.  Our 15 years
experience helps us advise about grooming, training, and the health and well being of your puppy.  Also, see  
our "Yorkie Tales" page for information about Smoky and WWII.
The first puppy, above, is Dorsey, who is charting to be about 6 lbs, a perfect size for breeding or for a family pet.  She has a nice ear set, shorter
nozzle, and very thick and silky hair.  She will be a perfect size for breeding or to play with children.  Great body style and perfect teeth.  Dorsey is
priced at $900
Gunner, above, is our male puppy who is so playful it was difficult to get a picture of him without a toy.  He is very active and busy, always taking a toy
with him.  He is tiny, charting to be only about 4 lbs and would make a great little stud or the perfect personal pet to take everywhere with you.  He has a
great ear set, large dark eyes (not blue as appears in one picture).  His body conformation is compact and square, and his legs are short.  Overall, a
great puppy.  He is priced at $900 also.
Abigail, to the left, is the largest puppy in this litter.  
She is charting to be 6+ pounds and would be a
great size for a family with children.  She has the
same great silky hair and large eyes as well as a
very playful personality.

Abigail is priced at $700.