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We sell traditional yorkies, colorful parti yorkies, chocolate yorkies and chocolate parti yorkies, and
black and white parti yorkies.
See our "Yorkie Tales" page for information about Smoky, the Yorkshire Terrier who helped win WWII.
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We have a new litter of Extreme White Ocean Pearl sable parti puppies born 2/25/17.  They have very
fine pedigrees with parents having a combined total of 10 Crownridge, 16 Nikkos, and 2 Parti at the
Ritz ancestors as well as others of interest.  We are very proud of this litter and hope you enjoy
looking at them.  We are offering only the three boys at this time, possibly reserving the tiny female
for future breeding, depending on her ultimate size.
This little boy is the smallest male and is mostly white with one sable spot,
an extreme Ocean Pearl.  We call him Jacks and think he will be between
4-5 lbs mature.  He has great hair, nice ears, small nose and large eyes.  
This little boy is priced at $1,
600 with full AKC rights and his awesome
pedigree  It is possible to see a video of this puppy on our Tiny Yorkie
Blessings Facebook page.
This little boy has 2 large sable spots, so we call him Deuce.  He has
the cutest little wagging tail along with the attributes of the smaller
one.   He is very playful and loving.  We think he will mature at about
5 lbs, a great size for either breeding or pet.   Priced at $1,500 with all
AKC rights and great bloodlines.
Our third little boy has the most
sable color, 3 large spots, so we
call him Trey.   He is a little shy
but so loving.
We think this little boy will mature
at 5-6  lbs.  He is priced at $1,
Great pet or stud prospects.  One
ear not fully up but will be in a
couple of days.
Sire is a parti
sable (Ocean
Pearl) with
pedigree and
weighs just 3.5
Dam is an extreme white and so very
gentle and loving, also with an awesome
pedigree.  She weighs between 4-4.5 lbs.